Samurai Ramen UMAMI Souvenir ver

by Funfair.,

 This product is only available in Japan. The minimum shipping lot is 48P.

Based on the concept of “Bring Scrumptious Ramen to the world”, we deliver a typical Japanese style Ramen bursting with Umami flavors that will comfort the taste buds of any Ramen aficionado. The complete lack of any animal product, alcohol, synthetic coloring agents, preservatives and MSG makes our Ramen a whole food that not only speaks to health devotee but also to Vegans, as well as the Muslim community as it suits their diet guidelines flawlessly.

Samurai Ramen UMAMI is known for its souvenir version pack, that comes in a Golden Package.Thispack has been very popular since the launch of our inbound product that started in 2014. In addition to the original taste, this product also has as mission to transmit Japanese culture through card games teaching Samurai lingo, and chopsticks.

Our likes throughout the whole wide world

Samurai Ramen UMAMI is proud of its over 80k followers on Facebook. Among this number, we recorded a 0.3% of shares from Japan. This is indeed a Ramen Brand that has been loved all over the world and beyond Japan. Our history started in 2014 targeting inbound products.Today, its Umami has grown to be loved by multitude of people looking beyond boarders such as values, religions or boundaries.



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